I clicked “Buy Now”

It happens to all of us. We think about a purchase. We decide to wait. We think some more, ponder about it, roll it around in one’s head. Sometimes we act, even when we should delay. Sometimes we delay, even when we should act. After going through all of that, multiple times, I found myself again sitting at my computer. Then, suddenly, it happened. I clicked. My cart was full, a few credit card digits later and an order confirmation was in my email. After looking at so many different options, pondering different paths, considering alternatives, I had purchased all the bits and pieces that would make for a mighty fine router table. As the Brits would say, a “very nice piece of kit”.

With a purchase like this, there are two benefits. First, I get to use the items for what they were made to do. Yay! Second, I get to make a proper base for all these new goodies to rest on and actually make them usable. Also Yay. Now of course I could have purchased a stand too, but I wanted to make the base, with all the drawers and such. Shop projects are the perfect place to work on one’s skills, and the end result would be a new tool in the shop. A win all the way around.

This project also had an extra benefit and that was being able to add an extra, personalized element to the build. You’ll have to read about it in the projects section of this site. You can go directly there by clicking here… https://sawdusting.com/portfolio/mobile-router-table/

2 thoughts on “I clicked “Buy Now”

  1. Amazingly well written and fantastic project 

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