Craftsman Style Bed

This was my first attempt at “real” furniture, a craftsman style bed.

My First Commission

This is the first piece of furniture I built to sell. A bed based on the client’s design idea.

Jewelry Box with Parquet Top

A jewelry box that I made for my Mom


During the 1990s I made a number of humidors, this is the story about them.


This is the story of my quest to build scoreboards for my daughter’s high school fencing team.

A Simple Desk

A quickly built desk for my daughter to do “virtual learning” at during the lockdown. I did not get a picture of it after the finish went on.

Dust Collector Cart

This one I am posting mostly to remind myself of where I was at when the shop resurrection started. This is not a project where I look back and admire my craftsmanship, nor is it one that impressed me with my ingenuity. It is simply a cart for dust collection. As soon as I startedContinue reading “Dust Collector Cart”


A quick project with the girls – we built cornhole boards

Pantry Shelves

Pandemic shopping led to more cans and jars, so I needed a place to put them. This was my solution.

Cat Tree

My cats needed more places to sleep – specifically ones that were not in my way and that gave them some space of their own. This was my attempted solution. It was partially successful.

A Unique French Cleat Wall

This is the story of my french cleat wall, and the added challenges I had to work around to make it fit in my shop.

Blanket Chest

A quick look back at a blanket chest made for my Aunt.

Mountain Bed

I built a bed for my cousin, based on a picture of one I had seen in a magazine.

Kitchen Renovation Projects

When my kitchen was renovated, I was not able to do most of the work, but I cherry picked a few projects to do myself.

Outfeed/Assembly Table

A proper outfeed table makes my saw so much more comfortable to use, and provides me with a place to assemble projects.

Mobile Base for my Bandsaw

My new bandsaw needed a proper place to call its own, so I made it a mobile cart with built in storage.

Tea Boxes

I finally finished 4 small tea boxes. They have maple sides, a patterned plywood top and bottom, and a mahogany liner.

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