Craftsman Style Bed

This was my first attempt at “real” furniture, a craftsman style bed.

My First Commission

This is the first piece of furniture I built to sell. A bed based on the client’s design idea.

Jewelry Box with Parquet Top

A jewelry box that I made for my Mom


During the 1990s I made a number of humidors, this is the story about them.


This is the story of my quest to build scoreboards for my daughter’s high school fencing team.

A Simple Desk

A quickly built desk for my daughter to do “virtual learning” at during the lockdown. I did not get a picture of it after the finish went on.

Dust Collector Cart

This one I am posting mostly to remind myself of where I was at when the shop resurrection started. This is not a project where I look back and admire my craftsmanship, nor is it one that impressed me with my ingenuity. It is simply a cart for dust collection. As soon as I startedContinue reading “Dust Collector Cart”


A quick project with the girls – we built cornhole boards

Pantry Shelves

Pandemic shopping led to more cans and jars, so I needed a place to put them. This was my solution.

Cat Tree

My cats needed more places to sleep – specifically ones that were not in my way and that gave them some space of their own. This was my attempted solution. It was partially successful.

A Unique French Cleat Wall

This is the story of my french cleat wall, and the added challenges I had to work around to make it fit in my shop.

Blanket Chest

A quick look back at a blanket chest made for my Aunt.

Mountain Bed

I built a bed for my cousin, based on a picture of one I had seen in a magazine.

Kitchen Renovation Projects

When my kitchen was renovated, I was not able to do most of the work, but I cherry picked a few projects to do myself.

Outfeed/Assembly Table

A proper outfeed table makes my saw so much more comfortable to use, and provides me with a place to assemble projects.

Mobile Base for my Bandsaw

My new bandsaw needed a proper place to call its own, so I made it a mobile cart with built in storage.

Tea Boxes

I finally finished 4 small tea boxes. They have maple sides, a patterned plywood top and bottom, and a mahogany liner.

Built in Dining Room Cabinet

At long last, I have completed a built in cabinet for my dining room. Actually, I didn’t really complete it – the guys from the stone place were here today and they completed it. The cabinets have been done for months, though this project goes back even further than that. There is a small bumpContinue reading “Built in Dining Room Cabinet”

Patterned Plywood Practice Box

A simple patterned plywood box I made to try out several new things.

Kumiko Triple, times two

Several projects ago, I made a simple kumiko, the asanoha pattern, or hemp leaf, using a kit that I purchased from Johnny Tromboukis Woodworking. It came with the jigs needed to make all the little pieces, and the strips of wood to use for them. It also had the pieces to make the grid alreadyContinue reading “Kumiko Triple, times two”

Humidor to Jewelry box conversion

For this project I converted a humidor I built a long time ago, and never sold, or used, in to a jewelry box that my wife can use.

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