Woodworker, DIYer, generally handy person

I got my start, like so many others, watching my Father. I started out helping him fix the cars, or something in the house that broke. My earliest memories of “helping” went something like this. “Go get me that screwdriver” and I would dutifully return with a screwdriver, to which he’d respond “no, the other one”. My other early task was “hold this”. I have progressed from there.

My first power tool (not counting the tiny little electric powered toy set I had – including a real circular saw that was maybe 1 or 2 inches in size) memory was the drill press. A simple benchtop drill and my job was to pull down on the lever when asked. Later came staining (that was probably his mistake) bird feeders that my Father made to support his woodshop habit. Eventually on to helping with DIY projects like a porch, a deck, a brick walkway and finally attempting some projects of my own. Jewelry boxes, humidors and eventually beds.

After a long side journey of DIY projects in my nearly 100 year old house, the pandemic has brought back my desire for a proper shop, and to make things again – not just fix them. There will be twists and turns as the next shiny object catches my attention. Hard to say what the next projects will be – there is also a parallel story to all of this, as I also inherited a love of photography from my Father as well. That’s probably a story for a different website. For now, thanks for stopping in. Hope you find something interesting.

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