Shop Transformation – Part 1

A summary of what I have been doing to transform my shop over the last two months. This is part 1, there will be a part 2 when most of the changes are complete.

It Didn’t Work

I set about to make my first project with baltic birch plywood, and it did not go according to plan.

Problem Solved, for now…

So today I encountered a new challenge. The recessed handle on my dishwasher essentially snapped off. It’s all plastic. How exciting. A bit of internet sleuthing suggests that a replacement part, also plastic, can be sourced so I don’t need a new dishwasher. I just can’t easily open it. More importantly, my kids can’t openContinue reading “Problem Solved, for now…”

Building a Prototype

I wanted to try my hand at making something that included patterned plywood. Before jumping in with both feet, I decided to make a prototype. Well, two of them actually.

My Bandsaw Goes Mobile

A quick post to let you know about my latest build. A mobile base for my bandsaw. The full story is in the Projects section of the website.


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