Cat Tree

So I need to start by saying that I have four cats. They are all weird in their own ways. That said, they are still cats and they like to sleep. Next to eating, sleeping is right there at the top of the “favorite things to do” list of each of them. The next key detail is of course that they don’t all get along. They each have their favorite places for sleeping and the goal here was to give them some new places for sleeping that maybe were not in my way – and to give me a project. Both of my daughters contributed to the design and they helped with painting and construction.

The cat tree was designed to sit in front of a group of windows, so the cats can stare outside at the birds when they are not sleeping. There are scratching posts built in (I have never seen them used) as well as multiple levels and even an enclosed space for them to hide in. I even tried to make one area out of cloth so it would work like a hammock of sorts, but they don’t use that part.

One extra twist on this project is while it was underway during the summer of 2020, our air conditioner broke. It was uncomfortably hot in my attic space that I use as an office, so I moved to the basement. Thankfully, I normally work at a standing desk, so a piece of cat tree and some clamps made me a desk. It allowed me to work in the basement where it was cool for the week it took to get the AC fixed.

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