What have I been up to?

Lately I have been spending some extra time with my daughter’s fencing team, helping out where I can. The winter sports season is wrapping up soon, and hopefully that means more opportunities to get in the shop. That doesn’t mean I have not been doing anything at all.

For those following along, my table saw has been repaired and is working once again. I finished that small kumiko pattern and then got back to working on the small boxes I had been focused on before the saw broke. I am pleased to report that those boxes are now complete.

Be sure to check out the backstory in the project section of website under the name Tea Boxes. Here is the link https://sawdusting.com/portfolio/tea-boxes/. Next up I think I will make a small box with the kumiko pattern that I made and after that, I think I might dive back in to patterned plywood. Woodcraft did have another sale and look what I got….

Just look at all that baltic birch goodliness

I can almost feel the sawdust beneath my feet already. Stay tuned for more sawdusting, and thanks for reading along.

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