My Bandsaw Goes Mobile

Be sure to check out my latest project. A mobile base for my bandsaw. Now it can cruise all about the shop, see all the sights and, well, actually, it just lets me roll it out when I need it. Then roll it back out of the way when I don’t. Very functional, but cruising around the shop sounds like more fun. I built this over the last handful of weekends or so, plus a little time to write up how it came to be. In the project I used the bandsaw to resaw a small board, and along with my sander to make some curves. Those were both opportunities to use “new tools of the pandemic”. My younger daughter helped with part of the project, always a treat. The remnants of two different hurricanes delayed work as my basement gets wet in heavy or prolonged rains. Not damaging, thankfully, and it could be so much worse, but it does keep me away from the tools when it happens. Enough of my rambling. Hope you like the tale of the mobile bandsaw base.

Read all about it at

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