The OsCoronas, a second time

So here we are again. It is that time of year when movie stars gather and do movie star things, while the rest of us get to watch on TV or read about them in the papers. Last March, early in the pandemic, my younger daughter thought it would be great to have a video competition amongst the family. She invited the various folks, rounded up some judges and reserved zoom time. My short video was a POV as one of our cats. The nicest comment was some viewers got motion sickness. Later we all gathered around the TV for the pomp and the fancy outfits (and snacks). Zooming with family to watch the movies together and learn the judges verdict and pass out the awards.

Little did we know in March of 2020, that come March of 2021 we would be in the same boat. Well, not quite the same boat as several of our number have been vaccinated, but most of us are still waiting our turn – and so, zooming it will be. Once again we have a family video competition upon us and this year, my results were an improvement. I decided to make a “youtube like” woodshop video. No, I don’t have a youtube channel, and yes, I have a day job that I plan to keep. That said, I set about to capture the flavor of the many wood shop videos I watch. From Stumpy Nubs, Bourbon Moth Woodworking and Jonathan Katz-Moses, to Foureyes, Woby Design, Fisher’s Shop, Michael Alm and Weber Woodshop. Throw in some maker videos like Laura Kampf, I Like to Make Stuff, and A Glimpse Inside for good measure. You get the idea. Too many videos in the evening when I should probably be in the shop myself. So enough about all of this, what about the video? Well, that, I think is simply 4:30 of video goodness. I hope you like it, and Kudos to all you real youtubers who make it look easy. For me the only pressure was to improve my standing at the OsCoronas, and to not give anyone motion sickness this time around.

As much fun as they are, I am truly hopeful there will not be a third.

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